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Ultimate Guide to Select Dual Beam and Dual Beam Light Bulb
  • What is the difference between a dual beam bulb and a single beam bulb?
  • Is it a 9005 single or dual? Is it H13 single or dual? Do I need a dual beam LED such as wholesale h4 led headlight bulbs high low?
  • And so is the front lights dual beam or the bulb?

When you're attempting to select the ideal light bulb for your application, it comes as a single beam or dual beam. Your light bulb, not the fronts lights.
I know that's kind of puzzling the single beam front light has 2 light bulbs, the dual beam of light has one light bulb. Now if we go to a H7 light bulb, one of the most typical single beam, reduced beam light bulbs. Even though it takes 2 light bulbs, this is a single beam housing.